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The Course, “Nobody is Born Average” is now available online. Click the link below to check it out, or watch the video for a quick preview.

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The BeAPPtitudes

Five Life Applications Every Student Needs

The “BeAPPtitudes” is more than just another series to take up time in your weekly student gathering. These are 5 life “applications” that are sure to leave a lasting impact on your students. Download today1

GPS – God’s Positioning System
A 7 day devotional about beginning, believing, and belonging. Download today and go on this short journey of discovering everything God has in store for you!
Get a Grip -Influence is Everything
A series that will help your team achieve maximum impact and influence with those they lead, teach, mentor, or work with.

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Battle The Beast

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Your life may be full of challenges, but it is also full of meaning! All of us were born with promise and potential but somewhere in the course of life, we tend to become average. Maybe it is because of our mistakes or the struggles that seem to beat us down, but we end up settling for the status quo. Darin knows a thing or two about challenges. Born with only one hand, Darin has spent his life overcoming the obstacle of what many consider to be a disability. As a result, Darin has spent the last 25 years pouring into students and adults with the message of what it means to be anything but average. Darin is an author, father, husband, motivational speaker, as well as a John Maxwell certified leadership and life coach. This podcast is a faith-based life advice show that will inspire and encourage you to be all you were created to be.
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