ARE YOU SEARCHING for someone that can not only connect with your audience but also leave a lasting impact for years to come? I understand the challenge that there is in finding the right speaker who will fit with your audience. I have spent the last 20 years of my life working with students and adults, having spoken to over 750,000 people across the nation in schools, conferences, conventions, camps, graduation ceremonies, teacher seminars, and corporate events. This page provides an overview of what I have to offer, along with a taste of what you can expect. This is just a sample of what I provide so keep checking in as the list grows.

The success of an event comes down to the quality of the speakers. If you get one that is able to hit it out of the park, you will have a great event. If they don’t, well … then it’s just a bummer. My hope is that this page will make it easy for you to get the information you need to make the best decision possible. Thanks for stopping by. Thanks also for considering me. I really appreciate it.

Leadership Strategies

Leadership! It’s a word often used but seldom truly understood or defined. John Maxwell states that everything rises and falls on leadership. That is very true and something that we as leaders should take to heart.

A night of Comedy + Inspiration

We all have a need to be reminded of our purpose in life. Life is too short to live in the valley of unfulfilled potential. The Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Tour is a night of comedy and inspiration that is built to remind you of why you were created. Blending the unique way Darin looks at life with hilarious comedy, inspiration and motivation, the FWMT promises to create a lasting impact that will help shape the trajectory of your purpose.

The FWMT is designed for every person in your family, no matter the age! The FWMT can even be an event where you invite your neighbors, friends or even that co-worker you have been talking to over lunch.

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Leadership Strategies Details

Every leader faces the challenge of developing those God has placed in our hands to cultivate and help grow stronger in their leadership skills as well as becoming more valuable to what God has called us to build. No man is an island unto himself and each of us need leaders that will come alongside to help the dream move forward. With the demands of ministry heavy upon us, one thing that often falls through the cracks is that intentional development and training of our team, staff, and leadership group.

I want to help you. For over 30 plus years I have been involved in leading others. From the role of a pastor, sitting on various leadership teams, and speaking to and training thousands of students, adults, teachers, teams and leaders, God has given me the privilege of influencing others. I am also a certified leadership coach, trainer, and speaker with the John Maxwell Team.

I was born with the gift of having only one hand and it has provided me the privilege of seeing life, leadership, and legacy from a different perspective.

This is the reason that I am reaching out to you, and this is why I have formed Darin Sargent Leadership Strategies. I know the pressure there is in leading a team along with everything else that gets put on our weekly, daily, and hourly checklists.

It is my desire and aim that Leadership Strategies can come alongside you – the pastor – and help hold your hands up by providing monthly leadership development meetings with your team via zoom, to enable them to become everything they can while helping them understand their purpose in fulfilling the dream and vision you have as a pastor for your church and for your city. Some of the areas we will focus in on with your team are…

• Personal growth – there are some things we will never know until we grow. Before we can see growth in the team, we must see growth in the individual. Leadership Strategies will create a comprehensive personal growth plan for the members of your leadership team that will increase their awareness of their personal contribution to the work of God, establish a security within the areas of their callings, help them understand the importance of their role in your life as their pastor, and equip them to be intentional in ongoing personal growth and development. This will be accomplished by a combined zoom meeting with you and your team once a month that will dive deep into the area of personal growth and development.

• Leadership Retreats – Some areas of growth can only happen in a combined, face to face gathering. Having participated in many leadership retreats over the years, I have seen the strength that arises from these times together. In these meetings we will spend time focusing on where we have been as a team but also strategize for the future. Leadership Strategies also provides:

• Team growth – once there is an established personal growth plan with your team, we will then move forward helping your team become stronger TOGETHER! In leadership there is no place for individual silos, there must be a team effort in place if a ministry and church plans on seeing the future unfold in the will of God. Stepping into team growth and development will stretch each of them beyond the limitations of “what is in it for me,” to a place of understanding the effectiveness of being together!

• Pastoral coaching – LMGYAH LS also provides pastoral coaching where we can come alongside you to help you individually grow and be stretched in your personal life. Having pastored for over 20 years I know the areas that are difficult to work through and I want to be a sounding board to help move you forward in the calling and leadership God has entrusted you to carry forward.


m12 Month Program (Contact for pricing)

    • One zoom meeting a month with handouts for leadership notebooks.
    • One leadership video sent to your team that takes concepts from monthly teaching and digs a bit deeper into the subject matter
    • Your church leadership team Facebook group (optional and private) where we discuss questions, concepts, books, and values of leadership
  • 6 Month Program – (same as above)
  • Bi-monthly training (Contact for pricing)


  • 12 & 6 Month Programs (Contact for pricing)