Battle the Beast: Defeating the Lions that Oppose Your Destiny

We all encounter obstacles in life that threaten to hold us back from reaching our full potential. These barriers, whether physical or internal, often seem insurmountable, casting doubt on our ability to achieve our dreams. However, it is in facing these challenges head-on that we discover our true strength and resilience.

From a young age, I have navigated life with only one hand, a circumstance that has presented its fair share of challenges. Yet, through unwavering faith and the support of others, I have learned to overcome physical limitations and achieve feats once thought impossible. Still, there are moments when everyday tasks present unique hurdles, serving as reminders of the obstacles I face.

Yet, the most formidable barriers are not those imposed by our circumstances, but rather the internal limitations we place upon ourselves. These limiting beliefs, often rooted in past experiences or societal norms, can cripple our progress and hinder our ability to realize our full potential. They whisper doubt and fear, convincing us that we are not capable of achieving greatness.

To break free from these constraints, we must confront them head-on. It is essential to recognize that these internal barriers are the true obstacles standing between us and our dreams. Only by challenging these beliefs can we unlock our full potential and make a meaningful impact on the world around us.

That’s why I’m excited to share my latest book, “Battle the Beast: Defeating the Lions that Oppose Your Destiny.” Through the story of Benaiah, a warrior who triumphed over a fierce lion, I explore the internal battles we all face and provide practical strategies for overcoming them. From the lion of fear to the lion of apathy, each chapter addresses a specific barrier to success and offers guidance for overcoming it.

I invite you to join me on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Together, we can confront the fears and doubts that hold us back and embrace our true potential. You can visit Pentecostal Publishing or Amazon (print and ebook) and order your copy of “Battle the Beast” and take the first step towards a life of freedom and fulfillment.

Also, here are two interviews I recently did on my book. I hope you enjoy. Thanks for your support



Keep fighting on,

Darin Sargent