In the book of Joshua, the word that seems to define it is “GO.” At least in the beginning chapters of this amazing account of God’s chosen people.

The need, the directive to accomplish anything, starts with the command to “GO.”

We are not called to be stagnant or stationary. We are called to “GO” out from our life experiences and struggles and possess the promises of God. 

We are NOT called to just sit idly by. 

On the first day of this year, I want the word “GO” to be my daily challenge! 

TO GO into the world and be a witness of the power of God! (Matthew 28:19)

TO GO and lead those closest to me down the paths God has in store for us. 

TO GO and possess everything God has for my family. 

TO GO and do the work that God is calling us to do. 

TO GO and follow His plan, His Word, His purpose. 

The Lord may order the steps of a good man, but they require me stepping! (Ps 37:23)

The ordering requires the “GOING.

Gotta GO!

Till next time!