The March of Moments

30 years! It may not seem possible, but my wife and I joyfully marked three decades of marriage in August. In thirty years, we have been blessed with three children, two of whom have entered the bonds of matrimony themselves. Oh, and did I mention that our daughter Ashton and her husband Hunter are eagerly anticipating the arrival of our very first grandchild?!!!

My apologies for the excitement! Life has been incredibly hectic, preventing us from taking a break to commemorate this significant milestone until just last week. We made the choice to dedicate some time to exploring the East Coast of the United States, where we ventured through South Carolina and wrapped up our journey with a few days in one of our beloved cities, New York City.

As I sit by the window of a coffee shop on this early Monday morning, I gaze out at the rain-drenched streets of Manhattan. People are beginning to wake up, and the workweek is commencing for most of those employed in the towering skyscrapers surrounding me. Observing the flurry of activity, I’m reminded once more that time follows its unique rhythm. It doesn’t wait for anyone, it doesn’t play favorites, and it certainly doesn’t pause at the doorstep, waiting for you to enter; it simply keeps moving forward.

Life is like an unyielding river, persistently flowing, unimpeded by obstacles. It possesses the tenacity to go around barriers or rise above them. When we find ourselves surrounded by the ceaseless flow of life, we must acknowledge the necessity to act within the time allotted to us on this planet.

Time manifests itself in fleeting moments, and it is within these moments that we must recognize and grasp their significance. Through this recognition, our lives can rise from whatever struggle or tragedy we have experienced and make the profound impact our lives are destined to make. Your life will march from one moment to another and how you interact with those moments will shape the future ahead.

The phrase “Time waits for no man” is one we often hear, and it is a stark reminder of life’s fleeting moments. Instead of succumbing to the pressure of time, we should use it as a catalyst for action, growth, and the pursuit of our dreams. By understanding the profound impact of time in our lives, we can make the most of every moment, appreciating the present while building a better future.

The decision to act with the remaining time you have is entirely yours to make. No one else can make that choice for you. As time steadily progresses, it’s crucial to grab the bull by the horns, so to speak, and create the impact you’re meant to make. Don’t be content sitting on the sidelines while others purposefully navigate their moments. Step out of your comfort zone, answer your calling, and fulfill what you believe God has destined for you. You possess an abundance of potential! Refuse to sit on the bench. Get out on the field where the game of life is being played and do what you are called to do. The world is waiting for you! Go make a difference.

~ Darin