A Challenge to the Comfortable

Someone once said, “whoever created the snooze button should get the Nobel Peace Prize!”

The snooze button symbolizes the mentality of so many of us. We would rather stay in bed than get
up and face the day. We would rather eat whatever we want than watch our wait. We would rather spend our money foolishly than invest it wisely. We would rather sit on a pew than get involved in a ministry.

The problem is, God is always challenging us. He can be compared to that alarm clock that buzzes in our
ear, that is trying to get us to wake up. Paul, in his letter to the Romans said this; “It is high time to awake out of slumber….:

God aiways challenges His people. As He challenged Moses and the people of Israel so many years
ago. He even challenges us today. By looking at the historical account of God’s dealings with the Children of Israel there are some things we can learn and maybe even apply to our lives as we move down God’s path of purpose for us. Let’s examine a few….

  1. Our Challenge Determines our Provision
    • In other words, God never challenges us to do what He will not enable us to do! Look at His challenge to His people. The provision in the Promised Land was everything God said it would be. He was given them a good land, a promised land!
  2. Our Faith Determines our Vision
    • What they believed is what they received. 10 of the spies did not believe God was going to give them the land and as a result all they experienced the rest of their lives was nothing but the desert! However, Joshua and Caleb had faith to believe it was time to go and possess the land! They got to see everything God had promised although it was several years later. What you believe is what you will see.
  3. Finally, Our Obedience Determines our Blessing
    • The principle is clear: If we are obedient when God gives us opportunity, we will be blessed. If we are disobedient, we will receive God’s discipline. God had promised them He was giving them the land but they refused to believe it and as a result ending up dying in the wilderness, not seeing the promise that was theirs.

May we always have faith to believe for what God has in store for us. Dont hit the snooze button on life! Get up and go after what He has in store for you. If you would like to hear this podcast in its entirety, please go to The Darin Sargent Show or wherever you listen to your podcast. Thanks for reading and thanks for listening.