Victim or Victor

We live in a society where some people have the tendency to blame others for their situation or circumstance.  I have met a lot of people that would rather shift the blame to someone or something else than deal with it themselves and this often leads to them living their lives as victims instead of victors.

Having been born with what many would call a disability, I had to decide early on in my life how it was going to effect me.  I had to make a conscious choice whether I was going to be someone who thought of myself as a victim, and just blame something else for my condition, or choose to rise above it and do something with my life.  You may not have been born with a physical disability but I would tend to believe there is something in your life that could hold you back if you let it. We all have them! The key is to turn the situation around and look at it from a different perspective.

I write about some of this and what I faced in my life in my book: The HandBook: Five Forces To Form You Future, and I want to give you three different perspectives I have lived by, that I have found helpful in my life and in helping others I have been privileged to work with.  These can help you become the victor you are destined to become.

YOU CAN ONLY FIX WHAT YOU ARE WILLING TO FACE – This is crucial to the start of changing your mindset from victim to victor.  If you are unwilling to deal with your particular situation and hit it head on, you will never, repeat NEVER, overcome whatever it is that is causing you to not go forward.  You must be willing to face YOU and deal with it. Only then can you truly get on the path to becoming what you were created to become.

UNDERSTAND THAT YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD NOT DEFINE YOU, YOU MUST DEFINE YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES – I had to make the choice whether I was going to allow my arm (or lack thereof) to define me and put me into a category of being a victim or would I turn it around and shape the circumstance into something positive. You cannot spend your life REACTING and letting whatever it may be define who and what you are!  You have to shape it into the destiny only you can fulfill.

ATTITUDE DETERMINES DIRECTION AND DIRECTION IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN SPEED – This statement right here is one of my core statements I choose to live by.  It is your attitude that determines your direction and if you can get your attitude adjusted correctly you can overcome anything!! It sets the tone for your future progress and it really doesn’t matter how fast or slow you may go, you are moving in the right direction.

Life is a constant journey and we never truly arrive at a place of perfection but it is the process that produces the possibilities in your life.  Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and never quit! You are called to be a VICTOR!

Darin Sargent